School Vision

We believe students will become productive citizens when they are challenged and mentored in academics, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Our student centered education includes the following:

  • Students experience a rigorous blended online learning environment that prepares them for advanced education options, future employment, and post-secondary education. 
  • Students will be evidence based researchers who can analyze and evaluate information and draw evidence based conclusions from their analysis. 
  • Students will demonstrate the skills necessary to be life long learners. 
  • Students complete meaningful projects and solve challenging problems while interning in the community by learning and applying academic skills consistent with real world expectations, standards and knowledge. 
  • Our students have established goals for their future and have developed a plan to achieve those goals. 
  • Students are aware of their individual interests and talents, and they know how to seek out opportunities to work on relevant projects and curriculum that interests them. 
  • Students embrace the diversity of the world by fostering a school culture of safety, acceptance, and respect.  Our students will be aware of how they fit into a global world. 
  • Our School continually improves using a PLC model of self-evaluation and change.