Mission & Vision



            Mountaintop Christian Academy (MCA) is committed to an education that leads each child to experience his dignity as a human being and arrive at his goal, JESUS CHRIST. For a life guided by prayer and study, Mountaintop Christian Academy aims to develop school community members who are : Christian in Principles, Christian in Orientation, Filipino in Character. As a child-centered, Bible-based Christian School express its three-fold task namely: to provide students with relevant Christian Education, to facilitate intellectual Christian Education, to contribute to the progress of the society.

            How? By: Providing comprehensive education, allowing freedom for intellectual growth, using specialized materials and activities, giving individualized guided instructions, developing the spiritual aspects of the child as well as practical capability and conducting special enrichment classes to enhance student’s capabilities in the field of art and sports.

vision-bannerMCA’S VISION

An A-1 Christian School with First Class Facilities that is committed to TRAIN and DEVELOP the students to be MORALLY, SPIRITUALLY and SOCIALLY UPRIGHT individual and possible GOOD LEADERS and CITIZENS of our country.

To accomplish the above:

  • NFE – Non-Formal Education – MCA’s target is to implement this, focusing to our very own parents/guardians.
  • TESDA – Six months vocational course – MCA’s target to provide vocational courses for MCA graduates who are unable to take 4-year course, can avail of short courses that provides immediate employment.
  • Expanded SPED – As it is today, MCA have special children needs. However, the volume of SPED pupils can go up if everyone of us will work to accomplish and gather more children to avail of this service.

Ultimately, MCA can look forward to a community that is God-fearing, peace-loving, friendly, cooperative and Christian in principles and inclined to be economical and self-sufficient.